el 12 de abril

We practiced a lot with el verbo gustar. We also learned how to use indirect object pronouns in different ways.

Aquí hay las notas: U5 day 9

TAREA: Prepare for Q 5.2 – Gustar, Tener phrases and Possessive Adjectives.

el 26 de marzo

We learned more about the verb GUSTAR today. Aquí hay las notas: U5 day 5   TAREA: Prepare for Quiz on La Familia  y las mascotas vocabulary. (All of the front side of your vocabulary sheet, except the numbers)

el 16 de marzo

We took Verb Drill #2 today and played quizletlive to help solidify La Familia Vocabulario. Aquí hay las notas: U5 day 2    Your TAREA is to study IR verbs for Verb Drill #3.