el 14 de mayo

We took our last verb drill of the year! We also spent time learning the differences between ser and estar.

All work for this term is due by May 18th!

Our Final is May 24th.

el 12 de abril

We practiced a lot with el verbo gustar. We also learned how to use indirect object pronouns in different ways.

Aquí hay las notas: U5 day 9

TAREA: Prepare for Q 5.2 – Gustar, Tener phrases and Possessive Adjectives.

el 26 de marzo

We learned more about the verb GUSTAR today. Aquí hay las notas: U5 day 5   TAREA: Prepare for Quiz on La Familia  y las mascotas vocabulary. (All of the front side of your vocabulary sheet, except the numbers)