el 13 de marzo

Today is the deadline for Term 3. Everything is due today at 2:45. We worked with the verb “gustar”. Aquí hay las notas: Unidad 4.1 day 4   TAREA – study for Quiz on La Familia.

el 7 de marzo

We learned about pets today. Aquí hay las notas: U5 day 2  Tarea is to prepare for Verb Drill 2 – ER verbs. All work for this term is due by Monday, March 13th.

el 22 de febrero

Everything for U4 is due by Friday.  Please come and talk with me if you need to schedule a time for a Quiz re-take. We learned some new verbs today. Aquí hay las notas: U5 Day 0  Your tarea is to study AR verbs on Quizlet. Round 2 of verb drills begins el viernes.

el 17 de febrero

We took Unit 4 test today and finished up oral exams. If you were absent, all work for this unit is due by viernes el 24 de febrero.

el 7 de febrero

We had a practice writing activity and a practice speaking activity. La TAREA is to study AR Verbs for Verb Drills on Quizlet. Choose any activity and finish it.