el 2 de mayo

We turned in the last homework and took our last quiz for the year. Check your grades and make sure you are at a C or higher!!

el 28 de abril

Quiz next class on indirect object pronouns and irregular verbs in the Imperfect. Everything from U5 will be due by May 10th. Our final is May 18.  Aquí hay las notas de hoy : Unidad 5- Día 8   Please see me for a copy of the TAREA, I do not have an electronic copy of this one.

el 18 de abril

We learned about direct object pronouns today. Here are the notas: Unidad 5 – Día 4  We did an in class assignment to practice the concept. See me if you need a copy. There will be a quiz next class on the unit vocabulary and the regular imperfect verbs.

el 10 de abril

Everything for U4 is due by jueves el 13 de abril. Unit tests were handed back today. We began learning a new verb tense.  Here is the handout I gave to students : El Imperfecto   No hay tarea.